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KH-Maskin AB first machine dealer to join Open-S Alliance

KH-Maskin Open-S member

Open-S Alliance welcomes KH-Maskin AB as a new member of the organization. As KH-Maskin is the first machine dealer to join, it is an important milestone for the alliance. “We want to contribute to the development of an open standard for fully automatic quick couplers”, says Martin Lindén CEO of KH-Maskin AB.

Open-S is the open standard for fully automatic quick couplers on excavators. Machine operators and contractors can more easily choose quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from manufacturers that are in compliance with the standard, and be confident that they will work together. For dealers the standard also means that they can provide clearer information to the customer about which products fit together.

KH-Maskin is a machine dealer for the well-known brands Kobelco, Wacker-Neuson and Kramer. The company is owned by KH-Koneet Oy in Finland and has its own facilities and representation in Jordbro, Gothenburg, Jönköping and Järfälla in Sweden. KH-Maskin joins the Open-S Alliance as Supporting member.

“Open-S makes it possible to offer our customers the most user-friendly and efficient solution, so that we can focus on machine solutions and not be limited by compatibility between different suppliers of equipment and work tools. This creates opportunities for us to deliver more machines and give added value for our new and existing customers”, says Martin Lindén, CEO of KH-Maskin AB.

“The Open-S standard has been developed with the dealers and machine owners in mind. Customers have different needs and we think it is important that they have the option to choose and not be locked into a company-specific solution. For a dealer a standardized solution makes it easier to sell to the end-customer. We welcome KH-Maskin as the first machine dealer to become a member and support the work towards a common standard”, says Stefan Stockhaus, Chairman of Open-S Alliance.

For more information contact:

Stefan Stockhaus, Chairman of Open-S Alliance,, +46 70 998 13 21

Anders Jonsson, Board member of Open-S Alliance,, +46 70 590 09 49

Martin Lindén, CEO/Country Manager of KH-Maskin AB,, +46 70 418 00 65


About Open-S
Open-S – the open industry standard for fully automatic quick couplers for excavators. The purpose of Open-S is to provide global interchangeability between quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from different manufacturers. Open-S Alliance is a independent organization with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the Open-S standard.

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