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Become an Open-S partner

The Open-S Alliance welcomes all manufacturers in the industry to apply for membership. We believe that a joint effort for an open standard is the best way to ensure further development in the industry, as well as more efficient and safe day-to-day operations for contractors and excavator operators. Welcome with your application!


The purpose of the Member Council

Open-S is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the Open-S standard in order to achieve global interchangeability between quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools for excavators.

The Open-S standard is governed by the Open-S Alliance AB, a company incorporated under the laws in Sweden. The Member Council is the body where all members, or member representatives are given the opportunity to participate and give recommendations on the development and assessment of which products may be labeled as Open-S products.

The Member Council is thus the forum for discussions among members regarding future development of the Open-S standard for recommendations for formal decisions by the board of Open-S Alliance AB., to which the Member Council also have the right to appoint a board member. Board members can be appointed once the Member Council consists of at least five members.

The Member Council also has the right to appoint a member to the Technical Committee as well as the Marketing Committee. All appointments made by the Member Council are revised on an annual basis.

The Open-S organizational structure:

Open-S Alliance AB Board of Directors
Member Council



Member Council meetings are held on two or more occasions per year with the purpose of getting feedback from the members and discuss other topics of interest related to the Open-S standard. Meetings can be either physical or via web meetings. Once per year the board proposes a budget for the council members to decide upon.


Member levels and fees

Open-S is a non-profit organisation. The membership fees cover only necessary costs for operating the organisation. Membership fees consist of an entry fee and an annual fee which varies depending on the membership level. The Open-S membership is divided into three levels: Full member, Associate member and Supporting member. All applications will be considered by the Open-S Alliance Board, and applying companies will be informed about necessary technical requirements for each membership level. The three levels are described and exemplified below.


A member having own technology/design for the complete set of required components necessary to connect female and male connectors. Example: a) Quick coupler including H-cylinder and female couplings b) Work tool adaptor including male couplings).

Entry fee: 15 000 EUR
Annual fee: 5 000 EUR


A member having own assemblies and buys specific components from a Full member. Example: a) A quick coupler manufacturer buying the H-cylinder and female couplings from a Full member. b) A work-tool adapter manufacturer buying the male couplings from a Full member)

Entry fee: 3 000 EUR
Annual fee: 1 000 EUR


A member buying the complete quick coupler or adaptor from a full member and resell the product under it’s own brand name.

Entry fee: 1 500 EUR
Annual fee: 1 000 EUR


Membership level

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