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Q: What is Open-S?

Open-S is a standard for manufacturers of quick couplers, tiltrotators, and tools for excavators. The standard promotes interoperability and encourages innovation in the industry. It allows excavator owners to freely combine attachments from compliant manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and driving technological advancements.

Open-S Alliance is the name of the organization behind the standard.


Q: How does Open-S benefit excavator owners?

Open-S provides excavator owners with increased flexibility in selecting attachments. They can choose couplers, tiltrotators, and tools from various manufacturers without worrying about compatibility issues. This freedom allows for seamless transitions between different attachments.


Q: How does Open-S prioritize safety?

Open-S enforces a standardized coupler design, which enhances safety during attachment connection and operation. The open interface defines hydraulic couplers and ensures that a combination of products from different manufacturers will not in any way interfere with or alter the safety solution of each individual product.


Q: How does Open-S drive innovation?

Open-S encourages manufacturers to innovate within the framework of the standard. By participating in the technology agreement, manufacturers strive to enhance the performance, durability, and versatility of their attachments. Excavator owners benefit from a wider range of cutting-edge tools and accessories that comply with Open-S.


Q: Can manufacturers join Open-S?

Yes, Open-S welcomes industry manufacturers to become part of the technology agreement. By joining Open-S, manufacturers contribute to the development of the standard, collaborate with other industry leaders, and gain access to a wider market of customers who prioritize compatibility and interoperability.


Q: How can I find Open-S compliant attachments?

The Open-S website ( provides a directory of compliant manufacturers and their products.


Q: Is Open-S a global standard?
Yes, Open-S is a global standard that encourages collaboration and adoption across different regions. Excavator owners and manufacturers worldwide can participate in Open-S, fostering a diverse market and facilitating cross-industry cooperation.


Q: How can I get involved with Open-S?

If you are a manufacturer interested in Open-S, you can visit the Open-S website to learn more about the standard and its benefits. You apply for membership on the website, which will be handled by the board of Open-S Alliance.

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