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Open-S is the open standard for fully automatic quick couplers for excavators. The goal is to give machine operators and contractors around the world the freedom to combine machine couplers, tiltrotators and tools from manufacturers that are in compliance with the standard, and to promote continued technological development.

Open-S builds on the established symmetrical quick coupler standard, the S Standard, and welcomes industry manufacturers to take an active part in this technology agreement.


Now the choice is yours!

With an open standard for quick couplers, machine operators and contractors can more easily choose machine couplers, tiltrotators and tools, and be confident that they will work together. The standard also means that dealers can provide clearer information about which products fit together.

Watch the video for an introduction to the development of the Open-S standard and the reason we believe it is a good thing.



Choose from different manufacturers

We believe that healthy competition is the best way to promote continuous product development and customer benefits. With a common standard, it’s easier for industry manufacturers to continue to compete with performance and functionality, and still offer customers compatibility. Open-S opens the door to the future.


Safety first

Reducing the risk of accidents and incidents is a priority and in recent years, major and important advances have been made in terms of product and operator safety. With Open-S, you can be more confident that these solutions will continue to work. The open interface defines hydraulic couplers and ensures that a combination of products from different manufacturers will not in any way interfere with or alter the safety solution of each individual product.

Standard in brief

Open-S is a common standard for the hydraulic interface between machine couplers, tiltrotators and/or tools. This definition entails that the quick couplers that follow the standard are compatible between different manufacturers and products. For more technical details, download the Open-S technical specification here.

The interface builds on the established, symmetrical quick coupler standard for excavators (the S Standard) developed by machine suppliers. Read more about the S Standard here.

Open-S does not define the technical solutions incorporated in quick couplers or products, but rather ensures that the quick couplers from different manufacturers are compatible with one another. Open-S is completely machine and system independent, which means continued freedom of choice to define different functions and additional features in the systems.

For more technical information, please contact us.

“We believe in an open standard, instead of locking customers into a closed interface”

Anders JonssonCEO Rototilt

“Interchangeability is the point. All manu­fac­turers that believe in a common standard are welcome”

Stefan StockhausCEO Steelwrist

Open-S Alliance

Open-S is a joint initiative between two of the industry’s technology leaders – Rototilt and Steelwrist – and is based on the established, symmetrical quick coupler standard for excavators (the S Standard) developed by Maskinleverantörerna, the Swedish trade association for suppliers of mobile machines.

Open-S is managed by an independent organisation, the Open-S Alliance, which in turn is led by a council of engineers from all member companies. We believe that the freedom to choose improves the conditions for new innovations and continuous development. We also believe that closed systems create a lock-in effect that limits users’ ability to choose the best products. By agreeing instead on an open interface, we can all focus on the competition and still offer customers compatibility.

The Open-S Alliance is open to all manufacturers in the industry who believe in the benefits of a common standard. Welcome to the alliance!


Accessibility is at the very core of the work with this open standard. Therefore, we welcome all industry manufacturers to apply for membership. Read more on our partner page.

Anders Jonsson

CEO Rototilt, initiator Open-S

Stefan Stockhaus

CEO Steelwrist, initiator Open-S

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