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Equipment manufacturer Wacker Neuson joins Open-S Alliance

Wacker Neuson Open-S

The Open-S Alliance welcomes equipment manufacturer Wacker Neuson as a member of the organization. As a major and technology-leading company they will bring additional strength
in the work to establish Open-S, the open industry standard for excavator automatic quick couplers. The Open-S Alliance strives to give machine owners and contractors the freedom to combine couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from different manufacturers following the Open-S standard.

Wacker Neuson is a leading equipment manufacturer with production sites in Germany, Austria, United States, China and Serbia, offering products for the construction and agricultural sector, gardening and landscaping as well as the municipal sector. The company joins the Open-S Alliance as a Supporting member.

Innovation is part of the Wacker Neuson DNA, most recently demonstrated with the launch of the wheeled excavator EW100-2, which heralds a new era in compact wheeled excavators. The EW100-2 is designed to perform a wide variety of tasks in various applications that require continuous attachment changes. Therefore, equipping the machine with an Open-S compliant automatic quick coupler will enable the operator to use hydraulic attachments of any brand that comply with the Open-S standard.

“In the interest of our customers, we are focusing more and more on interface standards,” explains Alexander Greschner, Chief Sales Officer of the Wacker Neuson Group. “Standards help to reduce the complexity on the construction site and make sure that our customers have the greatest possible flexibility to use their machines. Becoming a member of the Open-S Alliance thus is a logical step for us.”

Additionally Wacker Neuson recently established a new aftermarket business unit dedicated to attachments, headed by Reinhold Baisch, Managing Director, with the aim of strengthening this line of business and meeting customer needs even more effectively in the future.

“We are seeing exciting developments in the attachments area, with digital assistance systems and standardized interfaces playing an increasingly important role. We believe that being a member of the Open-S Alliance as well as our work in the Machines in Construction MiC 4.0 working group will benefit the customers, simplifying the handling of attachments”, says Reinhold Baisch.

“We are delighted to welcome Wacker Neuson as a member of the Open-S Alliance. With their drive for innovation and technology development Wacker Neuson will bring additional strength to the work we are doing together to create a standard for automatic couplers within our industry”, says Stefan Stockhaus, Chairman of the Board of Open-S Alliance.

For more information contact:

Stefan Stockhaus, Chairman of the Board of Open-S Alliance AB, +46 70 998 13 21

Anders Jonsson, Board member of Open-S Alliance AB, +46 70 590 09 49


About Open-S
Open-S – the open industry standard for automatic quick couplers for excavators. The purpose of Open-S is to provide global interchangeability between quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from different manufacturers. Open-S Alliance is an independent organization with the sole purpose of developing and promoting the Open-S standard. Read more at

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